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Physics is a field worth studying beyond simply learning the secrets of the natural universe, which is an admirable reason in its own right! A degree in physics prepares students for a multitude of future paths by teaching students how to think critically, communicate effectively, and apply analytic skills to solve real problems. Along with the traditional paths of entering graduate studies in physics after college, physics majors often have success in medical and health fields, law, web and app development, and engineering disciplines. Listed below are some career paths GU physics alumni have taken.

Graduate School in Physics

Colorado School of Mines ('15)
Tulane University ('15)
University of Washington ('14)
Montana State University ('14)
University of Waterloo ('13)
Georgetown University ('11)
Yale University, Postdoc ('11)

Careers with a Physics Degree from GU

Medical School, Texas A&M University ('16)
Solar Photovoltaic Project Manager, Northwest Electric And Solar ('14)
High School Physics Teacher, Nepal ('14)
Database Engineer, Porch ('14)
Patent Lawyer, Seattle ('10)
Medical Physicist, Anchorage Radiation Center ('04)
Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Physics, St. Catherine University ('02)
Developer, Oracle ('02)

More information on possible careers in physics can be found on the American Physical Society's career website at